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Watch out at your local newsstands for Ceramics TECHNICAL No. 36 2013. It features an article I wrote about the Utilitarian Clay VI symposium, held at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts on 19 -22 of September 2012. Here is a little   sample from the article to entice your curiosity:

“Its impressive 20 years of history provide us a glimpse into this field: where it has gone in recent years and, we hope, insight into its future. Whereas veteran and mid-career artists dominated prior symposiums, the focus this year was on notable emerging ceramics artists. This young group is indicative of how academically driven our field has become. All but one presenter earned his or her MFA through the American university system. How has this academic training affected the course of the utilitarian object? Certainly, individual craftsmanship has risen to extraordinary levels. Current academically trained practitioners have an extensive technical tool belt at their disposal, which they utilize to create their individually styled work. The endless variety of form, surface, texture and techniques was evident in the work and demonstrations by the presenters.” 


Utilitarian Clay Article