I’ve been lock out of my website for a few days. The Chinese government isn’t so keen on information sharing. The last five days was spent in the city of Xi’an, which was the capital city of China for most of it’s Dynasties. This was the eastern end of the silk road and located in Shaanxi Province, which has an area of 205,800 square kilometers and a population of 37 million people. Our five days in Xi’an where packet with activities including a trip to see the terra-cotta warriors, the Xi’an history museum, a night trip the the big goose pagoda too see the fountain show, and a trip out to the Fule International Ceramics Museum and residency center. Also a half day walking on the fortified wall that surrounds the inner city. There was also many nights of exploring the open street markets. Arrived in Beijing, the current capital, today after traveling by taxi, Plane, and Bus.